Fairfield Pizza and Pasta Company located at 680 Nilles Rd today offers over 80 different unique drink choices. No meal is complete without the right desserts and beverages. Come over to our restaurant and enjoy a wholesome meal with exotic desserts and refreshing beverages. We even have over 70 different types of no or low calorie drinks if you're on a diet!

We also provide convenient delivery options at just $2 delivery charges. Call us today!
Cannoli      $1.99
Molten Lava Cake        $3.49
Dessert Pizza
A cream cheese "sauce" with your choice of apple or cherry filling and topped with a streusel crumble

12"   $10.29
14"   $12.29
16"   $15.29
Fairfield Pizza now offers Coca-Cola Freestyle! Customize your fountain drink: 70+ low/no calorie choices, 80+ unique drink choices and 90+ caffeine-free choices.
Fountain Drinks
20 oz. $1.69
32 oz. $2.59
Bottled Drinks
20 Oz. Bottles $1.99
2 Liters $2.50
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